26 June Notices

Monday Notices - June 26th 2017

Hello everyone,
Just a thought …!
It is good to be back to choir after two weeks away due to the Barcelona Tour which was awe inspiring and somewhat exhausting, and then a much-needed relaxing, sunny week in Tenerife: I am very proud of my ‘freckled tan’!  On returning home from Tenerife, I am pleased to say I managed to retrieve all my luggage at Gatwick at baggage reclaim without incident – thank goodness! Long story, except to say I found my sense of humour eventually …!
A quote or more …!
“The most wasted of all days is the day one did not laugh.”
Nicholas Chamfort (Maximes et pensee, 1796)
“The marvellous thing about a joke with a double meaning
 is that it can only mean one thing.”
(Ronnie Barker, 1929 – 2005)
Without further ado, the Notices, please read on …!
News Updates
Concert Tickets and Flyers
Tickets for the Summer Concert will be ready for Wednesday’s rehearsal and will be given out by the Part Stewards as usual (many thanks to Brenda Thorne for her hard work).  Flyers – the Publicity Team have been working hard to produce flyers and programmes which will be ready for distribution very soon; at the latest by next week’s rehearsal.  Any other information to do with the publicity for the concert will be shared with you all at the rehearsal this week.
Message from Penny
First, thank you to all those who hired music for Barcelona - you returned everything by the deadline so the copies have gone back to the library. However, one of you was a little over-enthusiastic: among the music returned at Heathrow was someone's personal copy of Five Mystical Songs. No name in it, and the only marking is a single rest, in the tenor line, in the Antiphon. If you think this could be yours, please let me know, or it will go into BCS stock for re-sale.

Last week I put out sign-up sheets for the autumn and Christmas concerts. On 25 November we're singing Britten's St Nicolas, A Ceremony of Carols (the 4-part version) and Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on Christmas Carols. The latter two will appear again in our carol concert on 20 December, together with five carols from a book we haven't used before: Noël! 3 (we've sung from the first two volumes in the past). There are NO hire copies of the carol book available, but the publisher is offering 25% off for orders before the end of June, bringing the price down to £10. I will therefore be putting in an order after next week's rehearsal. After this I can source it elsewhere for around £11. Christmas music vanishes from the library system very early, so I will also be reserving hire copies of the Brittens and Vaughan Williams pieces by the end of next week - please sign up promptly! If you won't be at next week's rehearsal, please contact me for details: phopkins@cix.co.uk.
Update on Liz Seward
Most of you will know that Liz has been very poorly indeed with pneumonia that resulted in a stay of at least a week in Frimley Hospital.  I am delighted and relieved to say that I had a lovely chat with her over the phone earlier today – she is now home from hospital.  Liz has been told to rest for the next couple of weeks or more by the doctors and is still in their care as an out-patient.  She is now concentrating on getting fully well again and will therefore not be back to choir fully until September.  Liz has been very much touched and moved by the many ‘get well’ messages she has received from BCS members.  In the meantime, we will do our best to cover her huge contribution to the choir, particularly the Social Committee.  Much love, Liz, from us all!
Barcelona Tour update from Margaret
Attached are details of the Rayburn photograph competition with a healthy £200 prize.  Some of you might like to submit some of the lovely photos that you have chosen to share with us - or indeed some that you haven't.
Final request:  Would anyone who hasn't paid their £2 per head as a contribution to the cost of the coach that was needed to take us to the final night dinner please give it to John Smith at rehearsal on Wednesday.  What an amazing meal it was for the money - well worth £2 to get there.
That's all for now but if anything has been missed then I will either follow it up via email or wait until Wednesday's rehearsal.


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