03 July Notices

Monday Notices - 3rd July 2017

Dear all
Just a thought …!

Goodness, two more rehearsals and then it’s the last concert for the season 2016/2017 and the summer break – hard to believe!  Let us make sure the Summer Concert is a fine finale to a year full of incredible music, wonderful concerts, and memorable performances.
A quote or two …!
“You can say what you like about
long dresses, but they cover up a multitude of shins!”(Mae West)
“Even on the most solemn occasions I got away without wearing socks
and hid that lack of civilisation in high boots.” (Albert Einstein)
Without further ado, the notices – please read on …!
News Updates
Barcelona Tour Photos
About 60 photos have been contributed to the Barcelona pictures website.  If you would like to look at them or download copies go to www.yogile.com/006cb488
Concert Tickets
A reminder that tickets for the Summer Concert will be on sale again this week during the break and at next week’s rehearsal before the concert on Friday 14th July.  Please remember to bring along the correct amount of money for the tickets you wish to buy for family and friends, especially as you will be able to choose seats at tables for them.
Strawberries and Cream: interval tickets for choir members will be on sale at a cost of £2:00 per person.  
Concert Dress
Sue Jones will bring the ‘Concert Dress’ diagrams along to rehearsal this week.  The Summer Concert Dress is as follows:
•    Bright, plain summer (no whites, beige, or grey) coloured top with sleeves (short or long)
•    Long black trousers or long, black skirt
•    Plain black, smart shoes/sandals (no flip flops)   
•    Bright, plain summer (no white, beige, or grey) coloured open-necked shirt (short or long sleeves)
•    Long black trousers (a gentle reminder, just in case!)
•    Plain black, smart shoes/sandals (no flip flops)

Flyers advertising the Summer Concert
If there is anyone living in the Winkfield Row area of Bracknell willing to distribute a few fliers near and around Lambrook School please let Del Edwards know during the rehearsal break.
Music for the Autumn Term – urgent message from Penny
It seems ridiculous to be distributing carol books in July, but I'd rather not have them all sitting in my hall until next term. I'll therefore be bringing them to Wednesday's rehearsal, though not bundled. If you've ordered a copy of Noël! 3, please come and claim it off me, with your £10. Don't worry if you're not coming back until September - I'll keep it for you and include it with the autumn music. I will also have some new folders, for those who wanted to buy one.
Summer Newsletter
A reminder that Sue Haylett will be putting together the Summer Newsletter in July and August.  Sue would appreciate stories, anecdotes, and photos from the Barcelona Tour, jokes and more from BCS members. Although there is no immediate rush, memories tend to fade as soon as we get on with the concert and enter the summer break.  Sue is looking forward to running a good report for the Summer Newsletter that is a fitting conclusion to the 2016/2017 season; please start writing your contributions soon.  
That's all for now but if anything has been missed then I will either follow it up via email or wait until Wednesday's rehearsal.

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