14 June Notices

Monday Notices - 14th June 2017

Dear all
Just a thought …!

Welcome back to all those who went on the Barcelona Tour and a warm ‘hello’ to the rest of BCS – it’s business as usual this evening with the whole choir back together again, focused on the ‘Summer Rehearsal Plan’ for the Summer Concert.
Please note that I will be away on holiday from tomorrow for a week so I will be unable to send out the usual Monday Notices next week, although I will miss you all, of course!  Geoffrey will keep the choir updated with important information during rehearsal breaks.  
Barcelona Tour Concert updates: I am sure you will all enjoy hearing about the success of the ‘tour’ from Greg and Geoffrey.  Please enjoy reading Margaret’s review of the ‘tour’ under ‘News Updates’.  On behalf of everyone at BCS a massive thank you to Margaret and John for, once again, organising such a wonderful, awe inspiring, dramatic (read on) and hugely enjoyable ‘BCS Tour’.  I wonder who will be organising the next one …????
Although very brief, always worth a read …!
News Updates
Barcelona Tour (Message from Margaret)
To all of you lovely intrepid tourists:  There was a particularly lovely vibe to the tour this time and I so hope you all had an enjoyable and memorable experience. What a wonderful mix of inspirational singing and retro-teenage behaviour amongst good friends, safe in the knowledge that what happens in Spain stays in Spain!  I was sad not to sing on every occasion, but the opportunity to listen and marvel at the amazing BCS sound was just the best compensation. Well done all. You did Bracknell proud. Interesting that British Airways acknowledges us; perhaps it's about time Bracknell did?

Greg and James gave us credibility, as we knew they would. What a skill to adjust almost instantly to the different acoustics and instruments and produce such memorable music. Thank you both so much - but next time perhaps we should go to the Antarctic for the sake of your wellbeing?

A special thank you to the army who supported the old and ancient - self included. You contributed more than you realise and are hugely appreciated.

Can't sign off without a word for Penny. I hope she knows she is appreciated but this term she has been just awesome. How many pieces of music can one person be expected to find?

Finally thanks for your continuing generosity. Just the lovely card would have been sufficient but I have plans for spending your money on something memorable and will let you know about it.

John, my partner in crime, was a pleasure to work with as ever, and then completely stole the thunder by succeeding in being mugged, identifying the culprit, attending court and removing said criminal from society for a given period. Well done John and Anne. We're proud of you.

Don't forget to chivvy that new committee for another tour in 2019. I'm looking forward to coming, completely rejuvenated, with no responsibilities. (Margaret)

For reminders about the rehearsal schedule, forthcoming ‘Social Events’ and ‘Publicity Updates’ please refer to updates given by Geoffrey during rehearsal breaks and to previous Monday Notices (especially those with attachments).
That's all for now but if anything has been missed then I will either follow it up via email once home from Tenerife!

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