10 July Notices

Monday Notices - 10th July 2017

Dear all
Just a thought …!
We are a few days away from our Summer Concert and the finale to a season of wonderful music and excellent concerts.  I know we are all looking forward to performing such an interesting, beautiful repertoire of music at Lambrook; let us all make sure we impress the audience and make Greg and Nick proud.  In the meantime, we have two important rehearsals to be prepared for so let us all make good use of this time.   
Friday’s rehearsal at Lambrook: 5:30pm arrival at Lambrook please, to rehearse 6:00pm to 6:45pm.
A quote …!
“The notes I handle no better than many pianists.
But the pauses between the notes – ah, that is where the art resides.”(Artur Schnabel – Chicago Daily News, 1958)
Without further ado, the notices – please read on …!
News Updates
Get Well Flowers for Liz Seward from BCS
Hello everyone at BCS.  First of all- thank you all SO much for the wonderful bouquet of flowers delivered by Ceri last week, absolutely stunning, and they will almost certainly end up in a painting!  I'm getting better all the time (as the song goes), but as I don't do serious illness it has all been a bit of a shock.  My two weeks of 'house arrest' ended yesterday so now I'm into general convalescence and all being well I'm hoping to make the concert on Friday, making it the first time in fourteen years of being a member that I have actually heard the choir (I'm sure you'll be wonderful).
Concert Dress update (message from Liz)
Back to the nitty gritty - when Sue (Jones) returned the concert dress drawings to me last Thursday, she reported that there was some confusion over the length of sleeves.  To make it easy, short or three quarter length sleeves are fine, and I apologise for the confusion which was entirely my fault as I should have redone the drawings but I have been otherwise occupied!  Sleeveless and very short cap sleeves should be avoided. As to colour, the original idea was to think flower colours, nice and bright so no white, beige, grey or black please, no lace and no 'see-through'.  I'm sure you will all look magnificent as you normally do, and sound fabulous.  See you Friday, Liz.'

•    Bright, plain summer (no whites, beige, or grey) coloured top with sleeves
•    Long black trousers or long, black skirt
•    Plain black, smart shoes/sandals (no flip flops)
•    Bright, plain summer (no white, beige, or grey) coloured open-necked shirt (short or long sleeves)
•    Long black trousers (a gentle reminder, just in case!)
•    Plain black, smart shoes or smart sandals (you may wish to wear black socks with sandals) – no flip flops.

Concert Tickets
A reminder that tickets for the Summer Concert will be on sale again this week during the break and before the concert at front of house, on Friday 14th July.  Please remember to bring along the correct amount of money for the tickets you wish to buy for family and friends, especially as you will be able to choose seats at tables for them.
Strawberries and Cream: interval tickets for choir members will be on sale again at a cost of £2:00 per person.  
That's all for now but if anything has been missed then I will either follow it up via email or wait until Wednesday's rehearsal.


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