Practice Music

Practice Music Available for Mebmers

We have practice music for most major works that we perform. It is prepared using music software called Noteworthy Composer with a piano-style sound as this makes it easy to pick out the notes. The practice music is produced for each part in two versions: Noteworthy files can be played on a PC (but not on a Mac) and a CD format which plays on any computer or CD player

When the Noteworthy files are used, the full musical score with words for the piece appears on screen with all parts set to p (soft) except your own part which is f (loud). As the music is played over the PC's loudspeakers, you hear your part loud and the others in the background. While the music is playing, the current notes are shown in red so that you know exactly where you are in the music. Each piece has its speed initially set to the speed for the performance. There are two ways to play the Noteworthy files:

1. Use Noteworthy Composer software which a number of members already have. With this you can change the speed of the music if you wish and stop and start it anywhere. You can also use the software in a variety of ways including producing and printing your own music.

2. You can download a free Noteworthy Composer Viewer from the internet and use that to play the music on a PC. This software plays the music in the same way as Noteworthy Composer and you can alter the speed setting as necessary to slow it down to make it easier to learn.

A set of Noteworthy files for a concert normally costs £4. They are distributed as email attachments with very detailed instructions on how to load them and the software onto your PC. The CD version costs £1 more than the Noteworthy one. If you are interested in practice music please contact Alan Douglas
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