20th November Notices

Hello everyone,

We have a busy week ahead to look forward to, with the rehearsal on Wednesdaytotally focused on Britten’s ‘Ceremony of Carols’ & ‘St Nicolas’ and Vaughan Williams ‘Fantasia on Christmas Carols’, in readiness for the concert on Saturday.

I am in no doubt that our hard work and commitment in rehearsals, including practising at home (or elsewhere), will lead to a wonderful performance on Saturday.

Without further ado, a rather busy set of notices, including attachments from Greg – please read on …!

News Updates
Concert Information
Arrival at St Joseph’s for 1:30pm and please be seated by 2.00pm on Saturday. The rehearsal will finish by 5.00pm at the latest. Please return to the church for 6:45pm ready for the start of the concert at 7:30pm.

Please exit the stage and church silently as Greg will continue with rehearsing the soloists and orchestra; it is precious time with our professional musicians.

Message from Penny
I will have folders on Wednesday: £8 to buy, £1 to hirefor Saturday's concert, or special offer of £1.50 to hire for Saturday and the Christmas concert.

Hire copies of St Nicolas must be returned by Wednesday 29th November, minus your markings. I will be returning them to the library the following day, and then going abroad for a week, so any that come in late will incur a full week's fine. The Ceremony of Carols and Vaughan Williams will be included in the Christmas concert, so if you are singing in that, please hang on to hire copies; otherwise please return them, again minus your markings, on 29th November.

Given the timing of the Christmas concert, I am afraid it will be another occasion when you will have to rub your markings out on the night and return the copies at the end of the concert - I'll stay on at the end to collect them in.

Concert dress/etiquette
If you have any queries regarding concert dress / etiquette, please ask you Part Steward.The diagrams for concert dress will be on display again for Wednesday’s rehearsal.

Social Committee Events

Market Stall – produce, baking and new and unused stall
Congratulations to Liz Seward and the Social Committee team
on organising such a successful event that raised an incredible £162 in proper money at the Market Stall and £3 in old pounds!  A huge thankyou to everyone who donated homemade preserves, cakes and biscuits and new/unused items to the stall for sale.  Thank you to all for your generosityin supporting this fund-raising event.  Wow!

Christmas Hamper Raffle – autumn concert: please note that this will take place at St Joseph’s Church at the Autumn Concert, Saturday 25th November.

‘Deficit Dinner’ Thursday 18th January 6:45pm for 7:00pm: please make a note of this date as this event is very popular.  Menus and tickets will be provided in December – please look out for further information in the December ‘notices’!

That's all for now but if anything has been missed then I will either follow it up via email or wait until Wednesday's rehearsal.


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