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13th November Notices

Dear all
Forgive me for stating the obvious but we only have two Wednesday rehearsals before the Autumn Concert on Saturday 25th November.  The good news is that rehearsals have been going well and, fortunately, there is still time to practise at home, in the car, when out and about and indeed, in the shower, and … etc, etc! I am sure that many of us go to sleep with the music still resounding in our ears!!!!
A quote …!
“The old idea of a composer
suddenly having a terrific
idea and sitting up all night
to write it is nonsense.
Night time is for sleeping.” Benjamin Britten

Without further ado, a brief set of notices with useful reminders, please read on …!
News Updates
Concert dress/etiquette
If you have any queries regarding concert dress / etiquette, please ask you Part Steward. The diagrams for concert dress will be on display for Wednesday’s rehearsal.
Suggestions for Future Concerts – impressive response from members!
What a fantastic response to last week’s request from Greg inviting ideas and suggestions for future concerts.  The three forms I provided were completed in full, with further repertoire suggestions written on the back of forms. Just in case anyone missed this opportunity I will provide forms and pens, once more, at this week’s rehearsal.  
Reminders/Dates for Diaries
Social Committee events
Christmas Hamper Raffle – autumn concert: please note that this will take place at St Joseph’s Church at the Autumn Concert, Saturday 25th November.
‘Deficit Dinner’ Thursday 18th January 6:45pm for 7:00pm: please make a note of this date as this event is very popular.  Menus and tickets will be provided in December – please look out for further information in the December ‘notices’!
That's all for now but if anything has been missed then I will either follow it up via email or wait until Wednesday's rehearsal.  Maria
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